One of the leisure options par excellence in the maritime world is the yacht , a type of boat that is used only for recreational purposes and therefore also is known as recreational yacht . It is characterized by having a helmet with a length between 2.5 and 24 meters and to be able to propulsate both motor and sail , even with the combination of both systems. In the case of the engine, you can have one or several depending on the size and type of boat and can be both outboard and integrated into the hull of the ship. In addition, the size of a yacht is between 10 and 100 meters .


Different types of yachts

Motor Yachts

It is yachts that move thanks to an engine controlled by the captain and they do at high speed and without affecting the comfort of the crew . They enjoy a much shallow draft than sailing yachts or sailboats and are usually much easier to handle.

Performance motor yachts

They are small yachts that are perfect for those who want to explore the coast more in a short period of time. Its elegant lines, enviable style and its power and speed make them a very popular option offshore and in ports .

Image of a performance motor yacht

Large motor-yachts

They are modern and spacious yachts that are especially recommended for cruising with large groups , such as family trips. They are characterized by their stability, design and for being spacious, which offers great comfort to their crew. In addition, they are perfectly equipped for the practice of different water sports and offer comfortable leisure facilities.

Mega yachts

They are suitable for groups and families exceptionally large and modern in size, performance and luxury . They have a capacity for 100 people and have a long list of services , such as swimming pools, discos, cinemas, conference rooms, spas or gyms, so these yachts serve as miniature cruises For the short breaks of its occupants.

Luxury yachts

They are boats that are between 60 and 65 feet , equipped with luxury furniture and have facilities for the comfort and leisure of its crew. In them there are captains, sailors, cooks and different hosts who attend to the needs of the travelers and watch over the correct operation of the navigation, besides that each bedroom is separated by cabins, guaranteeing a total privacy. As a curiosity, add that luxury yachts that are less than 12 meters are called cruiser </ em> .

Classic sailing ships

They are known as “sailboats” because they often use sails to sail according to the direction of the wind and, therefore, they lack motor. In this way, you could say that this type of yacht is for those who want a genuine sailing experience or capture the true romanticism and excitement of this practice.

Photograph of a sailing ship in Full navigation

Modern sailing ships

They move thanks to their large candles in combination with a motor and are large and very comfortable. They are perfect for those who want the capacity, comfort and facilities of a motor yacht, but with the flexibility to open the sails on the desired occasion.


They are a special type of sailboat that combine the engine with the sails and that are ideal for any navigation equipment, especially for those who want to access coves and remote bays . They are low, have two helmets connected, where there is more space both inside and outside the decks, and have a ladder to swim.

Imagen de un catamarán en proceso de navegación


They are replicas of very old ships that are included in the category of motorboats , but with the difference that they can accommodate 10 to 12 people, while the others can accommodate up to 40 people. Its cabins are located on the main deck and equipped with private bathrooms.


As you note, add that in some countries, such as Spain, you need the possession of a license to govern a yacht . This license is established according to the type of vessel, the size, the power and the distance to which the ship can move away from the coast.