the platform for luxury yacht charter in Europe and USA. We intend to implement a digital transformation in the nautical yacht charter sector in the coming years. The specialization in the luxury yacht rental segment allows us to offer a service tailored to the needs of our users and to the requirements of the skipper boats.

Besailor as a yacht rental portal we also aim to promote nautical tourism in Spain and in particular in the Spanish Mediterranean attracting international tourists of upper class through an online platform and mobile application. And in turn facilitating access to the national tourism market to encourage and raise awareness of the advantages of nautical tourism on the spectacular coasts of Spain.

What makes us different?

  • We specialize in yacht charter in Spain with or without crew.
  • Firm international vocation, we address an exclusive target of users. (Tourist upper-middle class).
  • The portal is designed for yachts over 9m in length fully equipped and perfect conditions.
  • Cost of Intermediation more competitive.
  • We assign a personal account manager for each client and optimization without cost the tokens of the boats published in the portal.
  • We are experts in positioning websites in international markets and in the recruitment of foreign “contacts” and Authorized Managers of Google Partner, Bing Partner and Facebook Partner.
Port de Mallorca Cala Pi

Specializing in this segment we are able to attract customers of greater relevance to the managers of rental boats. We target specific audience profiles and use the latest online capturing techniques to reduce the cost of ownership acquisition. We have experts in online advertising that optimizes the presence of boats to reach the customer that we are asked by boat rental agencies and yacht skippers for rent.

As in other sectors, the implication of “Internet of Things” (to install on the vessels objects with Internet that benefit owners of yachts, catamarans, boats and sailboats in optimizing their costs and having digital control over their Boat (s) The use of the Internet in navigation improves the experience of the boaters and their safety The boat patrons or boat rental managers will improve the management of the fleet and its performance.

As the Yacht Secure tool which is a boat monitoring system to maximize safety on boats. It is an electronic device designed to have the yacht connected and to be in the new era of Internet of Things. Our team comes from different ports but we have the same course.

With Yacht Secure it is possible to monitor the drain pump, the battery voltage and the AC supply. Activation of safety alarms by intrusion, anchor, and water movement. And, you could not miss in a domotic boat, off and on lights, GPS route and indoor temperature control.

We want to apply technology, knowledge of the nautical sector of yacht charter and enthusiasm for doing things better and in a different way. We let the force of the wind push us, we take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our clients from port to port to reach far.

Are you boarding?

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Project funded partly by business angels and ENISA